What You Should do in the Morning

imageEvery class is different in the morning, even when the daily schedule is the same. While teachers and classes may vary, the needs of schoolchildren are the same. Over time I have found that in the morning you should:

Take attendance. If you don’t the secretary gets annoyed. Plus, it’s how we get paid.

Greet as many kids as you can with a kind smile that says, “I’m glad you are here and that I have a chance to be your teacher. If you miss a few kids, make sure they at least hear you greet a student. This lowers their affective filter and tells them you’re not in a bad mood.

Preview the day. Most teachers do this on the board but I’ve found a pep talk about the day gets the kids more dialed in.

Address any areas of concern, like cleanliness of classroom or other.

Do what you can to make the kids feel you care about them.

Teach how to say positive things.

Model it.

Have them practice it. Being positive is not an instinct it must be practiced.

Set an expectation they will be kind through the day.

Assign practice that doesn’t require teaching, perhaps a review like writing multiplication or spelling words 10x each.

Your other ideas


Having been a public school teacher since 1997, I've gained valuable classroom experience. Sometimes a great tool is a dynamite lesson plan. These posts are from a real teaching journey. I hope they inspire you. Thanks for reading!

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