Team Tables Configuration

IMG_2544.JPGI’ve made a few significant changes to the way I run my classroom teams. I’ve added an element that is quite innovative, shared with me by teacher and Adelanto board candidate Carlos Mendoza. We had a great visit sipping Starbucks and telling teacher war stories when he suggested something unique with the help of a pencil and napkin. I started implementing it today.┬áMy classroom runs on the concept of competition. I have the kids seated at u shaped tables instead of desks. This is in hopes they will be more collaborative.

Each table is a team with a name. I award table points for everything. Carlos suggested a system where each seat has a name that matches the same position at other tables. At times I will award these seats together as a team. It’s simpler than it sounds and you can probably figure it out from the 3 photos on this post. I will report back more down reality road.




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