Maybe Kids Just Have to Grow Into Serious

Seriously-face-meme-all-funnyWhen its time to get serious, we usually do it. We people I mean. Kids are not the same. They like simple and silly play. Once in a while you’ll come across a kd who is too serious but I say even those are doing so attempt to be in some simple and silly identity they’ve dreamed up. The fact is, when we start paying bills and having kids, we can’t be all giggly all the time. The rubber meets the road in those years and failing to be serious can be a mortal catastrophy. You might say we spend all of childhood avoiding being serious and all our adulthood trying to get back to the simple sillies of childhood. I don’t think you can ever go back completely.

It’s really hard getting all my students to be serious about their schoolwork. They are more interested in kickball and drawing and talking in class. If they only knew how valuable academics are. Don’t get me wrong, I value their simple and silly ways. In fact, I ENVY them. But, in the real world without an education and some discipline you aren’y likely to get a good job and have a decent life. I don’t want to see my kids panhandling in front of the grocery store someday. Sometimes it’s difficult to get their buy-in. I remember being phydically ill before my graduate exam. I had similar nerves before all the tests I had to take for my teaching credential. I hate to stress kids out but I would like to know how to get them just a touch more serious about school. I guess some will just have to grow into seriousness.


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