Medical Assistant Career Program

Prospective Medical Assistants Need an Unbeatable Career Program

According to research, it is likely that the healthcare industry will experience impressive growth in the future, much more than some others. As a result, a lot of job seekers are considering various healthcare positions, such as becoming a medical assistant. If you have already researched this line of work, know that it is right for you, and are ready to get started, the first thing you should pursue is exceptional healthcare career training.

As the Industry Grows, Preparation is Important

If you are serious about a career in healthcare, it is smart to pursue high-quality training that prepares you for the responsibilities you will have on the job. As a medical assistant, your skills and performance can have a significant impact on patients and coworkers, which is why everyone in this field should take advantage of effective training programs that cover every base.

However, deciding which program is right can seem difficult. When you are reviewing your options, make sure the school is accredited, offers the certifications you need to secure employment, and has comprehensive courses that cover the ins and outs of the profession – see more at Gurnee’s tech school Furthermore, upon successful completion of a program, the school should offer career services that help ensure you are successful in your search for employment.

There are many reasons why people choose to become medical assistants. For example, those with a desire to help improve the lives of others can find a great deal of satisfaction at work when they take care of patients. Other reasons why they pursue this occupation include:

Among the most rapidly growing careers, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics
Lucrative job opportunities that provide great benefits
A very important profession that offers excellent job security

Start Your Journey Soon

Whether you know this occupation is for you or if you just want to find out some more about the field, you shouldn’t wait another day to begin. If you request information from a school that offers superior training programs, you can have a firsthand look at the opportunities that are available. After completing the training, they can help make sure you are able to find work and turn your career aspirations into a reality. In recent years, some workers in other fields have had difficulty finding employment, whether they just finished college or have been employed for years. Fortunately, health care is in high demand and those who make a living in this industry have a great deal of job stability. When you find a hands-on program that is offered by an accredited school, you could be ready to make an excellent investment in your future.

Maybe Kids Just Have to Grow Into Serious

Seriously-face-meme-all-funnyWhen its time to get serious, we usually do it. We people I mean. Kids are not the same. They like simple and silly play. Once in a while you’ll come across a kd who is too serious but I say even those are doing so attempt to be in some simple and silly identity they’ve dreamed up. The fact is, when we start paying bills and having kids, we can’t be all giggly all the time. The rubber meets the road in those years and failing to be serious can be a mortal catastrophy. You might say we spend all of childhood avoiding being serious and all our adulthood trying to get back to the simple sillies of childhood. I don’t think you can ever go back completely. Continue reading “Maybe Kids Just Have to Grow Into Serious”

Play With Technology

IMG_2490.JPGI needed a USB multiport adapter and I found one that was as much fun as practical. I got to thinking about he represents play in learning technology. Whenever people ask me how I learned so much about technology, I tell them I simply “play” with it and learn stuff while doing so. Continue reading “Play With Technology”

The Words of a Teacher Matter Much

Once in a while, times arise in my lessons where I am tempted to say something potentially negative toward another person. As I pay attention to these times, I become better at turning them into positive messages.

phone2We as teachers should recognize that our words matter. It can be difficult to rein in every thought in the teaching day but we should make an effort to. Words we speak can shape realities in our students and even help define their self-esteem be it high or low. The worst part about reckless words is that we often can never gauge what they do to our students. When I hear that something positive I said HELPED a former student, I feel energized to continue being the best teacher I can be. On the other hand, when I get the occasional complaint, discover my words were misunderstood and it hurt someone’s feelings, I am often devastated. It can sap my motivation to be the cheerleader of kids I know I should be. Yes that’s right, a teacher should be a cheerleader with her/his words.

Pick a random way to share positive words. I am a big fan of using playing cards to pick random non-volunteers. I also use them to share what I call “positives” with my kids throughout the day. This in turn becomes a modeling exercise and they see how they can share positives with me and with each other. I even wrote a “Morning Positive Song” on my guitar and we sing it almost every day when we start this intermittent activity throughout the day. It sets the tone. A positive can be as simple as “I like your shoes.” After someone gets a positive, I always ask them: “How did that make you feel.” This shows the class that even the simplest of words can produce good feelings that we all crave.

Think before you speak. This may go without saying but I think we all can use a reminder. Once in a while, times arise in my lessons where I am tempted to say something potentially negative toward another person. As I pay attention to these times, I become better at turning them into positive messages. Example: I was coaching pairs through reading back and forth to each other and the kids did not understand the word karma. I knew that one child’s parents were Buddhists and I was tempted to make them the example. I caught myself due to the potential embarrassment there and made another analogy more suited to a universal positive. As teachers, we really really really need to think before we speak. This is true even in the face of a culture that thinks negatives and put-downs are ok and the norm.

To close, make a note to yourself tomorrow to try thinking more about what you say. I think your will find your day much more satisfying and chances are your kids will get a lot more out of what you have to say. Thank you for reading my post. I hope you will take the time to comment. What do you think of the power of words in the teaching profession?

5 Altruistic Values of Teaching

These are five things I value above and beyond financial compensation that make me want to come to work as a teacher every day.

Being a teacher is a wonderful career choice if you value the intrinsic rewards it brings. There can be a place for you and there are also online teaching job openings as well. Before you seek employment however, you should examine the reason people become teachers and the nature of the job itself. I’ve always thrived on seeing a student grow in academics or social skills.. This is what I think of as the “human-profit” margin. For example, one of my goals is always to see each kid improve scores over the preceding year. There are many altruistic values of teaching that motivate and keep us on track in our job. If you are a new teacher, take a look at these occupational traits. They are five things I value above and beyond financial compensation that make me want to come to work every day.

  1. Kids are now what we once were and they will one day run society: This can be both exciting and daunting. Knowing one day the child I am teaching long division may one day perform open heart surgery on someone. On the other hand, they could become homeless and jobless if I don’t do my part to give them the skills and motivation to succeed.
  2. Many times you are the only role model of a normal life: I had a parent conference a few years back where the parent had told me right there at the table that all 5 of her kids had different dads. That alone is staggering. I grew up in a house where my dad was always there fore me: tucking me in, coaching my soccer teams, teaching me guitar … I know not everyone has it that good but this was a lighter shade of pale. I felt sad for the confusion the child must live with each day. I couldn’t be that child’s dad (who wasn’t in the picture) but I started paying more attention to him and giving him the best advice I could during that year about life and academics. I hope I made a difference. Each day I have that opportunity as an educator. This one reason you might look for teaching opportunities as your career.
  3. Students need a frame of reference to understand art: We forget sometimes how much kids do not know about the world. Most adults can tell you the difference between classical and pop music … most 4th graders can’t. Unless someone explains the difference between an 18 century painting an something modern my a cubist such as Picasso, or Andy Warhol for that matter … it’s all just blurs of sensation. A person may go their whole life and never appreciate art until someone tells them about it.
  4. Students don’t always know how to be nice: We as adults get a million thoughts in our heads daily that are negative and self-defeating. If we are lucky (as I was lucky) we learn about positive self talk and talk with others. A person can go their whole life and never learn how to speak positively. I get to teach that every day (not always a walk in the park let me tell you).

Finally, kids need to learn respect for authority. A person can get to 15-18 or even 80 without that and suffer greatly because of it. As a teacher you are like a “soft” police officer, or judge. You represent authority and if you don’t teach then what respect is, chances are they will not have it when they are older. I like to think that every child who passes through my classroom in a given year knows how to respect her/his elders and her/his superiors. I know this will save them much trouble.

To close, these are 5 reasons I come to work each day. I am not rich by monetary standards but the reason I don’t feel poor is because each day I get to act on altruistic values. They are what give me the most satisfaction in my career. As a final note, I have found keeping an online teacher journal very helpful in measuring my progress toward altruistic goals, I highly recommend it. At the same time, it isn’t for everyone. Please note there are more online teaching opportunities manifesting daily. This new “tech” kind of teaching may really be worth looking into for the right type. Is teaching for you? Share why in the comments.

Free Online Learning Sites: Any Suggestions?

Give us your online learning site suggestions! Here are a few you may or may not heard of. The idea of this post is to start a collection of urls in the comments.

You know there was a time when the comment section on a blog or forum was where you got the really good stuff online. That’s fading with social media. I say let’s bring it back a little with this post. Here are a couple I found the other day searching.

Discovery Education

Here’s another interesting list though all are not K12 learning sites. Some are though:

Beat The System With This List Of 40 Free Educational Websites

I’ve noticed Prodigy is a good one but my kids have told me you need to pay for it. I have Lexia, Compass Math, and Renaissance Learning in class usage now but they are on paid licences. Ixl used to be a great one but now it’s a paid service. How about it, can you share with the community here what you know about? Thanks in advance for your time!

Kids Getting to You?

When it comes to teaching, there are a couple disparate popular opinions. Some say teachers have it easy “playing with kids all day.” The other one holds that teachers have it worse than most jobs in that kids drive them crazy all day. Where do you fall along the spectrum? We should in fact be thankful to work with the citizens of tomorrow. That basis along is enough to inspire respect, in my opinion. At the same time, many teachers suffer ailments as a result of their job. The kids truly are “getting to” many out there in the occupation. I think every teacher I know gets frustrated and at the end of their rope sometimes. Here’s a few simple things you can do when the kids are getting to you:

  • breathe. I have found that many times when I am getting frustrated I am taking shallow breaths. Oxygen feeds the blood and the blood feeds the brain so make sure you are taking fairly deep breaths in between teaching.
  • imagine them as grownups. I don’t mean to expect more from them than what kids can do. I simply mean to gain empathy for them when you imagine what they’ll be when they grow up. This can also help motivate you knowing you are entrusted with such a calling.
  • find the humor. Let them be kids, and laugh at the things they do. Laughter is the best medicine sometimes.

Of course there are many other ways to “check your head.” Remember to be aware of when the kids are getting to you. Whether it is the quality of life you have at home or the doctor’s measures, you need to pay attention to the signs. In order to best serve the kids, you must make sure that you are happy and healthy first. The students will thank you for making the effort to be a “whole” teacher.

Sounds and Spelling Cards Wall

  This is a new concept I am trying. Every ELA program I have worked with has a version of sound spelling cards for the teacher to use with the lessons. They can be used to teach spelling, grammar, and pronunciation. I’ve always posted them with staples or kept them with me as I teach using them close up with the students. A principal that was filling in at my school shared with me how the Reading Wonders sound and spelling cards have lessons on the back and therefore should be easily removable from the wall. I put little bronze hooks on the wall and hung them. Now I can just pick one off the wall and read from the back the teacher script. Teaching sounds and spelling us such an important concept and I think it often gets ignored. Kids do learn to spell from reading more but it doesn’t hurt to show them examples in writing on the board and the overhead projector.

I’m looking forward to teaching more of these lessons now that my wall is in place. A little change is good and teaching sounds and spelling I think will benefit my students greatly. For example, a lot of my kids through the years, I am teaching 4th grade, will make mistakes like this: He cict the ball. By using the sound spelling cards for the letters k and c I am providing them with the ability to go back and self-correct. In the photo you also see vocabulary word cards. Those are helpful before attempting to read the selection.

Give Some Kids the Gift of Time

Telling Time - It's not Just for Kinder AnymoreThis isn’t a post about quality time. Rathet it’s a reminder that some kids need space to calm down when they’re upset. While it may seem obvious, we as teachers forget it a lot. I myself do and many of my colleagues through the years have shared the same pickle with me. People outside the classroom seem to forget, I know this from talking to them for years, that we are with the kids often more than their own parents. We see a side of them that is what you might call their “true color” side. Now, this isn’t true of every child. Some have an amazing ability to behave and adapt to new and challenging situations from the first day of school. Others struggle and it’s those we should consider giving the gift of time to let their emotions calm down.

While some kids are more of a challenge to teach than others, as a teacher I really do hold a strong affinity for all my children entrusted to me. It is in fact, a love for them. When I have one or more failing to adapt with the mainstream, I become serious about finding a solution. Sometimes kids pass through their struggle as a phase, other times you can trace it all the back to kindergarten and even at the end of the year there is no coping ability in sight. When these kids have an upsetting situation and begin to act out in actions and words, teachers are alarmed. We are charged to protect all kids in our classroom and so our mother hen mentality kicks in. There is a natural tendency to give the child a corretive consequence like taking away recess or going to a time out.

Sometimes, depending on the child, simply putting them in a safe place and telling them you are giving them time to feel better or calm down eliminates the issue. This may not always be the right approach for for several of my behavior problems through the years it has worked quite well.