Making Tasks Easier with Due Dates

IMG_2434Putting up eight content walls can be overwhelming. How do you get them up with all the bells and whistles when you have limited time? I asked myself that question this year and came up with a time spaced solution. I don’t have an “after” photo currently but I can tell you after just over a week, everything is up as was the expectation of my district and principal. AND I didn’t have to suffer a stress attack along the way. Almost any large demanding job can be effectively done in the classroom when it is broken down into bite sized chunks. For me, hanging the colored butcher paper was the initial challenge. I did that and then put a post it note on each wall with a realistic “due date.”

IMG_2346Some people are control freaks, which yields mixed success. They need everything to be done in a day. The truth is that anything good worth doing usually takes more than one day. Unpack those boxes little by little and find a good home for what’s in them. Let organization develop. Don’t force it. As a teacher and in my personal life I am learning to plan my big jobs over time instead of in one due date. I recommend two tools, thugh there are many others you can use, when setting and measuring progress toward goals: 1) post-its and 2) an ingenious little online service called Remember the Milk. How do you set tasks? What tools, if any do you recommend to other educators?


Having been a public school teacher since 1997, I've gained valuable classroom experience. Sometimes a great tool is a dynamite lesson plan. These posts are from a real teaching journey. I hope they inspire you. Thanks for reading!

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