Cost of Paper vs. Whiteboard Markers

I once thought of writing a book on this topic that would help districts save tens of thousands on paper costs.  I have some skeptics and that’s okay.  I had an excellent question in the comments in my post on “The Paperless Classroom”  which I address in this post. Beth asked how expensive whiteboard markers would be cheaper than paper usage.  I could think of no better way to answer this question than to do a budget breakdown for a school year with some fixed variables:

The variables:
24 kids in a class
10 month school year
600 lessons a year

Paper costs:
2 sheets for each lesson (This is a conservative number that we can assume is likely higher)= about $21.50/Month and $215.00/year

Dry erase costs:
24 markers can last 2 months min. = $15.29/Month and $152.90/year

Yearly savings:
$62.10 per classroom


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