Common Core and Typing Skills

tumblr_mtibaspb9k1ssyq3bo1_500When I was in school, typing was not as universally required as it is today. The students of today must type in their answers to standardized tests like Common Core. As a teacher, I have to help my students type in their usernames and passwords all the time for reading and math tests as well as other learning websites they are required to use. In the case of some, it takes 20 minutes just to log in. That’s why my school site purchased a typing program for the kids. As tech, my job was to upload the student information to the game. I did so and I think using this game is going to really infuse self-assurance and speed into their typing. In turn, I hope it enables them to test more accurately.

It’s truly amazing how many things we use a computer keyboard for nowadays. There are no more “Smith Corona” old-school typewriters on the desks of writers. Computers are not the future they are the past and the present. Even with all the blogging I do, I am still a “search and plunk” typist. I often think about what I could accomplish if I didn’t have to look at the keys while typing. I’m not sure you can teach an old dog new tricks. It would be great teach kids keyboarding skills while in elementary school. One way to get our kids comfortable with typing their thoughts and answers into a computer is by using games. The Common Core test is the high stakes test of today. The scores this year (2014-2015) are a baseline and after this year they will show the public the progress schools are making. Since teachers cannot type the answers for the kids, it’s high time the school taught them to type proficiently. What do you think about teaching typing skills in school?


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