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Hi I’m Damien Riley. I have taught elementary school since 1997. In that time I have learned a few things that really work to engage kids’ interest. That’s what I write about here. My master teacher told me in 1998 that “Nothing captivates learners like a dynamite lesson plan.” I was trying too hard to control behavior when the secret all along was in delivering an engaging lesson. When I started this blog, I knew that was the best direction for it and that’s why it was so-named. Whether it was teaching my first class in 1997 or for the Superintendents of the state and county in 2007, I have come to recognize the power of a dynamite lesson plan. (Boy they sure were tall!)

gravatar022214It is an amazing privilege to have the opportunity to teach.  My goal for this site is to post stories and information to encourage and inspire teachers. Some days it is simply a journal of what is working for me.  If you find students and people as fascinating as I do, you are invited to tune in. I’m in pursuit of the elusive dynamite lesson plan.

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-Damien Riley
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